Multiple stops can be added to a single dispatch. Once a new stop is added, a trip is automatically created. Stops are created from the locations list.

Adding Stops to Dispatches
In order to add a new stop to an existing dispatch, make your way to the correct dispatch record. To reach dispatch records, click 'Dispatches' from the navigation bar. Then, click the 'Open' button that corresponds with the record you wish to add a stop to.

Once at the correct dispatch record, click the 'Add Stop' button below the 'Stops' section.

This will lead to a 'Location List' pop-up. From there, select the location you wish to add.
Use the search bar at the top to find a specific location. The drop-down menu to the left of the search bar can help you refine your search, and allows you to find a location based on a particular piece of information that you know, such as a phone number, or city.
Click the plus icon that correlates with the correct location to add it as a new stop.

After clicking the plus icon, enter the date of arrival for the new stop on the 'Dispatch Stop Create' module. You can enter it manually, or tap the calendar icon to select a date from the calendar. Click 'create' to finalize the new stop.

Creating the new stop also automatically creates a new trip on the 'Trips' list.
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