Through the 'Shipment' Record

First, navigate to the Shipments List. From there, click the arrow icon next to the 'Open' button that corresponds with the Shipment you wish to dispatch. From the drop-down menu, select 'Dispatch'.

Or, open the Shipment record, and click the 'Dispatch' button located in the top right.

Then, you have the option of dispatching the shipment to a new or an existing dispatch.
If you choose 'Existing Dispatch', you are able to choose a Dispatch from the 'Dispatch List' pop-up. If there is already an existing stop for that dispatch, you can choose to merge them.

If you choose 'New Dispatch', the Dispatch 'Create' pop-up will appear. Select the 'Carrier' option located at the bottom. Click 'Create' after entering the required information. The shipment will be automatically added to your newly created dispatch.

Adding a New Shipment to a Dispatch

In order to add a new shipment to an existing dispatch, start by opening a dispatch record. To do so, click 'Dispatches' from the navigation bar. Once at the 'Dispatch List' page, click the 'Open' button that correlates with the record you wish to add a new shipment to.

After the record has been opened, click the 'Create New' button under the 'Shipments' section. Next, fill in all of the required information. Any mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. Press 'Create' once the information has been filled out.

Adding an Existing Shipment to a Dispatch

To add a shipment that already exists to a dispatch record, open up the correct dispatch record.
Once the dispatch record has been opened, tap the 'Add Existing' button located beneath the 'Shipments' section. Then, select which shipment you would like to add, and click the plus icon that corresponds with that shipment.

If there is already a stop for the location that correlates with that shipment, you can merge them together. If you wish to do so, click 'Yes' on the pop-up that appears. By tapping 'No', the stops will not be merged.

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