Pegasys' trip manifest gets your dispatch information to your driver's hands with the ability for them to update arrived/departed times and upload POD's without the need of a dispatcher.

1. Sending the Trip Manifest
You will need a dispatch associated to a driver in order to transmit the trip manifest. To send the trip manifest document, open up a dispatch record, and click the 'Transmit Trip Manifest' button located near the top of the page.

Once the 'Trip Manifest' pop-up appears, the recipient's email will automatically populate based on the driver associated. The subject and body will also populate if the document settings had been previously altered. The document links will appear at the bottom of the email. A preview of the trip manifest can be viewed with the 'Preview Trip Manifest' button located alongside the 'Send Email' and 'Cancel' buttons. To send, click the 'Send Email' button.

2. Driver Receives the Email
The driver will receive an email notification on the device they are using assuming that they have their email address configured. If the notification does not appear, be sure to check your junk mail, and mark it as safe for future reference.

3. Driver Clicks Link to Open Dispatch Information
The driver can click the 'View Document' link to open the trip manifest. From there, they will be able to update the shipment(s) arrived, or departed dates. Additionally, POD's can be uploaded.

4. Updating Arrived and Departed Times
The driver should click the 'Arrived' or 'Departed' buttons to indicate when they are arriving and departing a location along their trip. The driver will be presented with a confirmation pop-up to confirm or adjust the date/time.

The button will change to a solid blue and make the next button active to click upon confirmation. The buttons can only be pressed in sequence. For instance, the 'Departed' button can only be pressed once the 'Arrived' button is clicked. These updates will automatically reflect on your Pegasys dispatch record.

5. Uploading POD's
For uploading POD's on 'Drop Shipments', we strongly recommend using "Office Lens" (Google Play Store / Apple App Store) so your camera will automatically crop the document and convert it into PDF format. To do so, open the "Office Lens" app on your device, and capture a photo of the POD. Don't worry it will also take care of those documents that are more than one page. Once the picture is taken, it will be cropped, straightened into a document, and can be saved as a PDF, Image, or Word Document. To add multiple pictures into one document file, click the 'Camera Plus' button located at the bottom left, and capture the next image.

Then, tap the check icon, select the PDF format, and press 'SAVE'.

To upload the file created on Office Lens, open up the email link. From there, ensure that you have already clicked 'Arrived' and 'Departed' buttons of the previous 'Pick Shipment'. Then, click 'Upload POD', and select the Office Lens document from 'Files'.

The 'Success' pop-up will appear to confirm that the POD has been uploaded. The 'Upload POD' button will also turn green once the driver has successfully uploaded the POD.

After all of the 'Arrived', 'Departed', and 'Upload POD' buttons have been clicked, the record will be marked as resolved. A notification will also appear on Pegasys informing that the driver has uploaded the POD.

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