The KeepTruckin integration will help you obtain better visibility over your transportation business, resulting in more proactive decisions.

Installing KeepTruckin
Navigate to the Pegasys Marketplace with the gears icon located in the top right.
Scroll down to "KeepTruckin" and click install.

You will then be prompted to enter your API key.

You must contact KeepTruckin to obtain an API key. Head to the KeepTruckin app, and if the API key has been requested, it can be found by navigating to "Admin" > "Developers". If not, you are able to request one via the "Request API Key button".
Copy the API key, and paste it into Pegasys
The connection will be verified automatically, and KeepTruckin will be installed.

Your KeepTruckin information will never be stored. It is only used as temporary data to map your drivers to your tractors, dispatches and shipments.

Using KeepTruckin
Once KeepTruckin has been installed, click 'Open'.

You will be able to see your drivers and their hours of service that have been retrieved from your KeepTruckin account. The 'Open' button will redirect you to that record within your KeepTruckin account.

Along the bottom, there is a map view with your fleet moving shipments real-time. Each truck is color coded to show you their capacity if applicable.

Ensure your drivers and/or owner operators are named the exact same within Pegasys and KeepTruckin. Drivers will always take precedence.

A marker will appear with all of the dispatch and shipment information once a truck is clicked. Each record contains a hyperlink allowing you to jump to the data if you need to make any changes.
Along the bottom of the marker you will see the date this location was retrieved from KeepTruckin, along with an option to open the location within Google Maps.

The blue refresh button pulls this information from KeepTruckin for a more accurate representation. The date and time in the button is when that data was last retrieved.
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