Our DAT integration will allow you to interact with the DAT Freight Matching services for both available loads and equipment.

Installing the DAT application

Navigate to the Pegasys Marketplace using the gear icon in the top right.
Find 'DAT' and click the 'Install' button.

Enter your credentials and click 'Confirm'.

Note: Each Pegasys account can only be associated with one DAT account at a time.

Posting Loads

Have a load that you don't have a preferred Carrier available to fill? In order to send a load over to the load board you'll need to follow these steps:

Find the 'Post to Load Board' button by navigating to the load that you need to find a carrier for and clicking 'Open', or using the drop down.
From here, click the 'Post to Load Board' button.

Any changes made to the load will be updated within DAT automatically.

Note: Weight and length are mandatory when posting to their board.

Posting Equipment

Your shipment will be posted to your enabled load boards within your shipment and shipment list.
You can manually remove this shipment from the load board once complete, or dispatch the shipment and the load will be removed automatically.
The same steps can be used to post your equipment records.

Searching for Loads

In order to search for available loads that are on the load board there are a few options:

Generic Search

Click the plus icon and then 'Load Board'.

Enter your desired search criteria, then click 'Search'. You have the ability to search for both loads and equipment.
This will then display a list of "Available Loads". By default it is sorted by age with the newest showing first.

Note: If there is a chat bubble next to the company, this means that there are additional comments that can be seen by hovering over the icon.

Find Return Trip

You can also quickly find a return trip or next trip for a specific unit by taking the following steps:

Open the current dispatch of the unit you would like to find a load for.
Click the 'More' button and select 'Find Return Trip'.

This will automatically fill in the search criteria for you based on the final location of the trip, and the equipment type of the trailer.
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