Having a direct connection between your TMS and Accounting software is critical to knowing the true picture of what is going on in your business. In Pegasys, this is can be done simply by connecting to Freshbooks Online, and moving your data between the two systems.

Connecting to Freshbooks Online
In order to connect to your FreshBooks Online company file, you'll need to access the FreshBooks option found by clicking the 'Admin' menu on the navigation bar.

This will bring you to the page that provides you the ability to connect to your company FreshBooks file, by clicking the "Connect to FreshBooks" button.

After clicking the button, you will be prompted to enter your FreshBooks Online username and password.

Transferring Records
Across the top of the page, beside the green FreshBooks icon, you'll see a header for the different record types that you can send across to FreshBooks. After selecting the record type you'd like to transfer, the page will update displaying a list of the items available in the queue to push. It's as easy as selecting the records that you want to transfer, and clicking the "Send to FreshBooks" button. As you transfer the transactions across, the integration will look to see if the business exists in FreshBooks and link to it. If it does not exist, it will create a new record in FreshBooks for you automatically.

If there are items that you never want to send to FreshBooks, you can click the "Ignore" icon found right next to the "Select" button which will permanently remove that item from the list.

Disconnecting from FreshBooks Online
For your security, you will be automatically logged out of your session between Pegasys and FreshBooks after 12 hours, but can also disconnect by using the gear icon at the top of the FreshBooks page.

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