Pegasys can help make entering fuel far more efficient with automated fuel uploads.

Supported File Types/Vendors:
Fleet One - .fle file
EFS - 110 format .dat file
Comdata - FM00001 file
Pilot Flying J - Only for customers running on the EFS platform.

Setting Up Fuel Uploads
To start off, click the 'Admin' option on the navigation bar. From there, select 'Fuel Upload'.

This leads to the 'Fuel Upload' page. Next, enter all mandatory information.

Note: Reference number can only be used once.

If you choose to say 'Yes' to 'Create Driver Deductions' or 'Create Owner Operator Deductions', separate bills will be created issued to them. If not, a bill will only be created to the fuel vendor.

Section 3: map all of your corresponding expense items. The fuel upload will match these expense items to what is found corresponding in your selected fuel file. You can add missing expense items from this page with the 'plus' icons located next to the drop-down menus.

Section 4: upload your fuel file. Supported files are listed above.

Click 'Review Fuel Cards' next which leads to step 5.

After entering all equipment records and drivers, tap 'Start Fuel Upload'. This leads to the 'Bill List'.

The 'Open' button opens up the bill, revealing all expenses associated with it. By clicking the hyperlinks in the description, you can access equipment records as well as fuel stops.

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