Pegasys is home to the fastest, simplest, and smartest 'Automatic Expense' experience in the industry. The automatic expense feature allows you to pay your drivers, carriers, agents, as well as owner operators without the hassle.

Automatic Expenses
To begin, make your way to the 'Expense Items' page. This can be done by tapping the setting icon, selecting company settings, and clicking 'Expense Items' from the options on the left.

Once at the correct page, use the blue icon alongside the expense items to add Employees or Businesses that you would like to pay automatically for that expense.

Adding Employees and/or Businesses to Automatic Expenses
Once the blue icon is clicked, an 'Automatic Expense' pop-up appears. From there, you are able to add Employees or Businesses using the 'Add Employee' and 'Add Business' buttons.

Once you click 'Add Employee', enter the condition, and employee, then tap 'Add'.

To add a business, click 'Add Business', enter the condition and business, then click 'Add'.

A bill will be created for the employee or business under the condition specified once the action is completed.

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