Adding a Carrier Rate to a Dispatch

You can add a carrier rate to a dispatch in 3 ways:

The quickest way to add a carrier rate is through the Dispatch 'Create' pop-up. From there, ensure you enable the 'Carrier' option from the buttons at the bottom. Then, you are able to enter a rate which will automatically create a bill with that rate as the expense line assigned to your selected carrier. Then, tap 'Create' to complete the action.

You are also able to do so within a Dispatch record. Click 'Add' which is located under the 'Bills' heading. Make sure you select the correct carrier that corresponds with your dispatch. Then, click the 'Create' button.

Another way to add a carrier rate is through a Shipment record. Click the 'Add' button located under 'Bills'. Then, ensure you select the carrier related to the dispatch under the 'Pay To' heading. Tap 'Create' to complete the action.

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