Creating a Vendor
In order to create a new vendor, click the create button located on the top right of the Businesses page. This leads to a 'Business' pop-up.

This pop-up can also be reached via the navigation bar, by clicking the 'plus' icon, then selecting 'Business'.

Once this page has been reached, check off the 'Vendor' box. Next, fill in the required information. The mandatory fields are those marked with the red asterisk.
Click the 'Create' button to complete the process.

Basic Information
The 'Display Name' is the name that will be displayed in Pegasys, which can be apart from the 'Name' to ensure that the individual can be easily identified.

If the billing address does not differ from the address, the box below billing address labelled 'Same as Address' can be checked off.

If the matter concerns hazardous materials, the hazmat box under 'Vendor Information' can be checked off. Then, the AP terms, DOT number, MC number, and SCAC can be entered to keep track of this information.
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