You can view the history of any record to track down who interacted with the record, when they did, and even what they did. You can also view the history of records within other records such as contacts, commodity details, bills, and more.

Viewing Record History
The history of a record can be viewed in two ways: from within the record, or with the arrow located next to the 'Open' button that corresponds to the record.

To do so from within the record, start by tapping the 'Open' button to bring up the record. From there, click 'More' which sits near the top of the page, and select 'History'.

The alternate way is to click the arrow icon next to the 'Open' button of the record, and select the 'History' option.

Viewing Sub-record History
To view the history of a record within a record, begin by opening up a record. Once the record is open, the sub-record history can be observed with one of two methods. The first way is to use the use the arrow next to the 'Open' button, and the alternate way is to use the 'Open' button.

With the first method, click the arrow icon, and select the 'History' option.

The second way is to click the 'Open' button, then click 'History' on the pop-up.

The history can be dismissed by tapping the 'Cancel' button.
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