It is crucial to keep you billing information up to date. Pegasys allows you to update your information efficiently, and also adjust your user quantity.

Adjusting User Quantity
Adjusting the number of users you have allocated towards your subscription can be done from the 'Billing Information' page. Navigate to this page by tapping the settings icon, clicking 'Company Settings' from the drop-down menu, and selecting 'Billing Information from the left column of options.

Once at the 'Billing Information' page, click the 'Decrease User Quantity' button in order to lower the users allocated towards your subscription. If you wish to increase the users, click the 'Increase User Quantity' button.

Updating Billing Information
Billing information can be easily updated from the 'Billing Information' page. Simply click the 'Update Information' button, make your changes, then tap 'Update Credit Card'.

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