Once your shipment has been delivered, you are ready to send out an invoice.

Invoicing a Shipment
There are two ways to invoice a shipment.

Method 1:
Navigate to the 'Invoice List' via the 'Admin' drop-down menu.

From there, click the 'Create' button, which will lead to a list of your active shipments.

Alternatively, this list can also be reached by clicking the 'Shipments' heading, then tapping 'Invoice Mode'.

Next, select the shipments you would like to create an invoice for.

Tap 'Create Invoices', which will lead to the 'Invoice Shipment' pop-up. From there, you have the ability to alter the date posted. Then, click the 'Create Invoice(s)' button. You can also choose to batch your invoices with the 'Create Batch Invoice(s)' button which will create one invoice for all of the shipments with a common customer.

Method 2:
Another way to create an invoice is from within a shipment record.

First, navigate to a delivered shipment record. From there, tap the 'Invoice' button.

Next, you have the option of changing the invoice number. However, the number already increments from the last invoice you created. Therefore, you most likely do not need to alter it. If you wish, you may also alter the 'Date Posted'.
Click 'Create' to generate the invoice.

'Batch Additional Shipments' will allow you to select other available shipments.

Ensure all shipments have been delivered before creating an invoice.

Transmitting Your Invoices
In order to transmit your invoices, head over to the 'Invoice List', and open up a pending invoice.
Then, click the 'Transmit' button located near the top right.

This will lead to the 'Invoice' pop-up. The e-mail is automated based on the customer. You also have the ability to write the subject and body of the invoice.

The 'Preview' button allows you to view the invoice.

The 'Generate PDF' button will create a PDF version of the invoice, and can be downloaded once the green 'Download PDF' button appears.

The PDF version also displays the documents attached.

To send the invoice, simply click the 'Send Email' button. The recipient can then open the invoice via their email.

The recipient now has access to three different forms of the invoice: the PDF version, the electronic version, and the email version.

You will be notified once the recipient views the email.

Additionally, you are able to view the statistics of the invoice from within the invoice record.

These statistics may not be fully accurate.
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