Copying shipments can make your transportation business far more efficient. Use this feature when running regular or similar lanes to reduce data entry.

Finding this Feature
There are two ways to access the 'Copy' button:
Click the arrow next to the 'Open' button that corresponds with the shipment you would like to copy. From the drop-down menu, select 'Copy'.

Open the shipment you wish to copy. From there, click 'More' located in the top right, and select 'Copy'.

Copying Shipments
Upon clicking the 'Copy' button, the 'Shipment Copy' pop-up will appear. From here, you have the ability to make any changes to the shipment record.
Additionally, you have the option to copy your Notes and Revenue using the drop-down menus located in the bottom left.

Click 'Copy Shipment' to complete the action.

We do not provide you with the ability to copy expenses, as they may conflict with your auto expense rules. In addition, any file attachments will not carry over.
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