In Pegasys you have the ability to add multiple shipments to the same dispatch record. Helping you micro manage those small LTL loads or just saving the environment (+ of course money) when moving FTL loads. When adding a shipment, you can choose to add an existing, or create a new one.

Adding a New Shipment to a Dispatch
In order to add a new shipment to an existing dispatch, start by opening a dispatch record.

Click the 'Create New Shipment' button under the 'Shipments' section. Next, fill in all of the required information. Any mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. Press 'Create' once the information has been filled out.

Adding an Existing Shipment to a Dispatch

To add a shipment that already exists to a dispatch record tap the 'Add Existing Shipment' button located beneath the 'Shipments' section. Then, select which shipment you would like to add, and click the plus icon that corresponds with that shipment. Remember you still have access to filtering and your filters that you have already saved throughout your journey.

Pegasys uses machine learning and AI to figure out which stops need to be merged together! It will look at the trip length, times and address information to determine the most optimized trip. This is why using the correct Date/Time is so crucial when creating shipments!
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